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Bingo is a game of chance like an instant lottery played with randomly drawn numbers which players match against numbers that used to be pre-printed on paper cards. In online Bingo those cards are still available. You can play all kinds of Bingo online, from  the 75-ball version of bingo to the 90-ball game, popular in the UK, parts of Europe, Australia and parts of South America, the 30 ball bingo or called speed bingo to the hybrid version of 80 ball Bingo.

The most known online brands for Bingo are Gala Bingo, Mecca Bingo and Foxy Bingo but there are more than 300 Bingo rooms on the internet so we have made a selection of the best and most trustworthy brands for you. Scratchcards are small lotteries that you know from your local store. They are fun and offer frequent winnings. Some Scratchcard Casinos like Gratorama or Scratchmania´s Bingo Club also offer a selection of very exclusive slot machines in order to enhance your gaming experience.

Like usual, find in this section the best Bingo and Scratchard no deposit bonuses and places where you can play Bingo games for free before you decide to deposit real money and take your chances to shout out “Bingo” loudly!

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Origin of Bingo
The game name Bingo was introduced in 1929 by the American Edwin Lowe . He had a group of Spanish players observed at a carnival in Georgia , covering the drawn numbers with dried beans and called for profit ” Beano ” . When Edwin Lowe hosted its first Beano rounds in New York , called a winner in the heat of the moment “Bingo” . This name was Lowe better, and so it stuck. For a dollar a year were allowed to use other the game itself , but under the condition that he call it Bingo .

How does it work?

Participants buy tickets or even participate coupons that are printed with a number of figures . An emcee runs like the lottery randomly from a drum balls with printed numbers . He calls from these numbers , after which the participants mark them on their playing cards with a color stamp or a stone – if they have the numbers called on their participation coupon. After the first party could mark all the numbers on his lot , he cries loudly Bingo! . In other game variants are also different characters , such as complete rows or columns on the coupon , a profit. After checking his lottery ticket he is the winner receives a cash or in price, and the round is complete.

Unlike other lotteries bingo is connected to a community effect , as participants sit in a hall . Religious communities often use this kind of game to deal with the members of the parish , both as to also fund charitable projects from the proceeds of bingo lottery.


A scratch card is a entry form in an instant lottery, must be scratched in the fields in order to ascertain whether you have won.

The classic scratch card has several fields, among which three equal signs (monetary values, good luck symbols, etc.) must appear in order to bring profit. However, there are also adaptations of known (card) games, such as blackjack, poker or Monopoly.

How to play Scratchcards

1. Set a budget. Decide how much you can afford each week on scratch cards you. This must necessarily be money that you can afford to lose, because this possibility exists .
Never give more than your budget ; resist the temptation to make up for your losses .

2. Stop while you win . If you win with a ticket , put the money in your wallet. Not Buy more scratchcards which has been determined by you budget. This alone will increase your income by Losgewinnen , more than using the profits to invest more money, which will most likely cause you to lose it again.

3. Study the odds of the game in which you are involved . Some games offer higher odds than others, even if they are cheaper . Study the fine print on the back of the scratchcard to find the odds. Compare the chances of a few games before you hire an educated guess on which card you buy. Obviously, the card with the higher chances is a better choice . This is the more expensive card in the rule, but be careful , higher cost does not always mean higher chances.

4. Sequence the ticket purchase. There are rarely two winning tickets in a row. Therefore, if you know that a winning ticket has already been bought from a particular package , listen for a few days to play and come back later , go to another store or buy another game. This will ensure that you do not pay money for an almost guaranteed loss. Note that it is not about statistics , it's about how the games produced and marketed . Scratch Cards are sold in packages of a certain win / loss percentage in each pack .


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