Online roulette players all want to win big and that dream has become a reality for one lucky player who has won a life-changing sum at NetBet.

The 10th November turned out to be a lucky day indeed for Kamaci from Germany because he managed to scoop up a whopping 60.000€ on Evolution Live Roulette. He enjoys playing online roulette games to unwind after a long hard day at work as many people do but he’s never won anything as big as this before which has really took him by surprise.

Kamaci hasn’t decided how he’s going to spend his winnings, but he’s certainly going to have an extra special Christmas this year!

Alexander Mangaud the Marketing Manager at NetBet has expressed his delight that a player as won this life-changing sum starting off with just a small stake of a few pence.

Kamaci is one in a long line of players to win big at NetBet so it’s definitely worth playing at this site.

Evolution Live Roulette

If you haven't played Evolution Live Roulette before then you might want to seek it out. What’s really great about this game is that you can interact with the croupier which makes you feel as if you’re actually standing a roulette table in the middle of a real casino. However, this is a much more convenient way to play compared to the real deal.

Other Big Roulette Winners

It’s not just online roulette players who are winning big. Take Ashley Revell, for example, who took his life savings to Las Vegas in 2014 and wagered it all on one spin of the roulette wheel. He wagered $135,500 on red and in slow motion the ball landed on red seven in front of millions of people. This was a big gamble to take, but luckily it paid off and he doubled his money.

The owner of Newcastle United Mike Ashley is another big roulette winner who took home £1,300,000 from a £480,000 wager at a private Mayfair Casino.

The house might have the advantage, but that hasn’t stopped roulette players beating the odds and taking away huge sums of cash.